How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Beautiful


People spend millions of money on synthetic pesticides to keep their lawn looking great and free of all sorts of insects that would spoil the beautiful look. The amount of pesticides used on the lawns is a given area is much more than what the farmers apply on the crops. Worse still, these pesticides end up in our water streams, lakes, rivers and sometimes come into contact with our skin. Some may irritate our skin, or worse still find their way into our blood system. Many people are careful when they see their children playing on the lawns that have been recently sprayed. Some countries are particular on whether their citizens are using pesticides on turf. That is not to say that people do not love great lawns. You can use different methods to take care of your lawn and still have a nice looking carpet. Some home owners have begun cherishing alternative lawn care methods. Organic lawn care is very achievable, and a lot can be discussed about it. For more details, look up Landscaping Tulsa online.

One way of making sure you have a lush lawn without using chemicals is to grow healthy grass. You can achieve this without the use of synthetic chemicals in terms of fertilizers and pesticides. You can get amazing results by just raising the deck of your mower especially during the dry season. When you mow your lawn with the deck raised a few inches, you will notice with time the grass will start turning green. The weed will be overpowered by the lawn. The longer blades of grass will turn green much easier and cover the weed.

The other method is to make sure you are using a mulching mower. The machines ensure that all the nutrient-rich grass is back to the soil. Aerating the grass is another method of keeping it healthier. If you do not have the appropriate machines to help you achieve this, there are rental ones available in the market. The accumulated thatch that prevents water and nutrients to penetrate the soil can be removed using a dethatching machine. The thatch should be removed before you start the process of aerating the lawn. The aerator will help the lawn to open up and to loosen the compacted pieces of soil. What you need to do next is to make sure you fill the place with seeds. You should clear the place with a rake after dethatching and aerating it. Make sure you remove all the dead grass and prepare the lawn to plant more seeds. There is an appropriate alternative for fertilizers that you can use for your lawn, that is the composite tea. You make your lawn be an outstanding one without using chemicals. Check out Lawn Care Tulsa online for more details and to get started.


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